Friday, January 25, 2008

last 3rd blocking

EDIT: Here's the entire short. I uploaded it to you tube. It still doesn't play right but at least u get the idea. Oh well. Thanks for lookin!!

Here's my last 3rd of my short blocked out. Not too happy with least I know I have 2 more weeks to work on it. I was gonna put up the whole story blocked out, but for some reason when I upload it, it plays really fast. Makes no sense to me and I have no time to mess with it. lol I need to get some drawing time in...I'm missin it. lol I also sent some inquiries out to some game response. :O( Guess I just gotta keep bustin my butt and hopefully someday I'll get my foot in. Oh, when he tosses the ball in the air the timing is off.. phhhbbbttt! At least I caught it! lol Anyways, till next post....PEACE!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2nd 3rd of short rough blocking

Here's my work for this was a rough 1 !! lol Almost there! Not too happy with this but then again, when am I? I need to work on the walk to the door and the sneak down the steps. Oh boy! This is the toughest test yet. lol Anyways, thanks for lookin and till next post....PEACE!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

No new drawings yet...:O(

Class started again....Woo-hoo!!! My mentor this term is Morgan Kelly. Yes... he has the same name as my! Anyways, here's what he wrote in his profile:

Hello! I'm a character animator at Dreamworks Animation, amongst other things of course...worked on Shrek2, Madagascar, Over the Hedge...recently completed Jerry Seinfeld's - Bee Movie, and am currently animating on a wicked film, Monsters Vs Aliens. I've mentored Class 3, 4 and campus mentored with AM for the past 6 terms now.

Here's my layout with some blocking of the 1st 3rd...

Thanks for looking and till next post ....PEACE!!!! ;OP