Saturday, May 31, 2008


Computer battery was dead and adapter was fried so I couldn't do any animating last week. I did get some sketchin in so that's a good thing! lol Anyways, here's those sketches. Now I gotta get back to my demo reel and resume. Gotsta get a job!! ;OP Till next post....PEACE!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 posts in 1 day??? CRAZY!! lol

Here's my crazy b-day pics. lol man...I'm gettin old. lol ;OP My wife was nice enough to get me toys and smart enough to realize she better buy a whole set so I don't complain about missing part of She's good. ;O) It was an awesome b-day. Malcolm and Morgan made sure it was too. :OP As u can see I made out like a bandit. 2 cool shirts, balloons, toys, and 50$ gift card. What more could I want? :OP Well, time for me to clean my wall of toys up and add to the collection....woo-hoo!!! :OP Till next post....PEACE!!!! :OP

MORE????? lol

Here's some sketches I did today. My wife has given me plenty of time to draw...that what I get for gettin older! lol Happy b-day to me! ;O) I'm still rusty so bear with me. lol I was gonna animate, but figured I need a break. Anyways, hope u enjoy this rare moment! lol Thanks for lookin and till next post......PEACE!!! :OP

Saturday, May 17, 2008

some quick sketches..

As I sat lookin at some magazines today, I had this great idea. Let's draw!! lol No animatin today. lol Here's some sketches I drew from those mags. It's been about feeling rusty. ;OP Hopefully I will stop feeling so sick. Maybe it's just age....35 tomorrow! YIKES!!! lol Anyways, maybe I'll get some more in...depends on how I feel. Will try to post again soon....if not drawins then some animations. Thanks for lookin and till next time....PEACE!!!!
P.S. dude's eye is haunting me !!! lol We'll just say it's lazy eye! hehe ;OP