Saturday, July 07, 2012

phhhbbbtttt's been a while.  A lot has happen since my last post.  I got into a went under.......and here I am again.  I thought it was finally happening. I put my everything into it, and then BAMM!!!  nothin.  lol  Oh well.  I guess the only thing I can do, is keep at it.  I thought I was a starving artist before......things are falling apart....I guess that's part of my story.   Oh well,  someday I will look back and laugh.  Anyway,  here's something I did today.  Thought about the devil today......he sure must be happy in hell.....after all, it is his domain.  ;O)  After thinking about that I thought,  " if he's happy,  he should be skipping"  then I made this  Never said I was sane.  ;O)  Anyways,  thanks for looking and hopefully I can get back to posting more.  Till next time....PEACE!!!!! ;O)

Skippin Devil from Miles Milton on Vimeo.