Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yay me!!!

lol Finally got some sketchin in. Nothin great, but at least I got some time in. ;OP Will try to get more done soon, but am extremely busy lately. Kids, school,work, home projects, etc. lol Feelin a tad bit crazy! :OP Anyways, till next time.....PEACE!!! :OP


Aaron said...

hey man i stumbled on your blog through your bro mel,from the looks of things the art bug runs string in your family, you got some good stuff here, i see on your blog that you are taking classes from anmiation mentor, come to my blog and leave a comment and let me know how it is, i am sersiouly thinking about it.
thanks man!

Heather said...

Hey Miles,
Long time no see! Glad to read your postings again. I know the feeling of busy, sometimes it can be nice; being bored is the pits. Your sketches are improving, animation mentor is doing something right with you. All this hard work is paying off. I saw you mention that your brother got hired somewhere... I'd like to congratulate him, where did he get hired? Anyways, best of luck with your new animation mentor classes. Keep that pencil rolling ;)


GhettoFab said...

when you draw its yay for me too!!!! Kikin ace and takin names! Im eager to see how your doin in skool....I miss not being able to go to your spot :(

Hope all is well!