Friday, July 06, 2007


Here's some m0re sketches. Probably my last for a while. Class 4 already feels like it's gonna be the hardest yet. You can see who my mentor is and my 1st sketch assignment at:

Anyways, hopefully will get some more drawing in. Till next post....PEACE!! :OP


Aaron said...

nice gestures man! always a treat to see some mo sketches.

GhettoFab said...

Loads of goodies in this post! See you makin some huge progress!

Keep crackin em out bro!!

Aaron said...

hey i have this new blog with some other people where we will give a new topic every friday and do our own rendition of the subject. so here is the address of the blog where we will put our stuff.

i know that you are really busy and probaly dont have time for it but i thought that i wuld include you all the same! just in case. so anyway this weeks subject is A SPIDERS EDEUCATION!......yip. so let me know if you want to post anything and i will add you to the admin list. see ya suka!

Aaron said...

sup man, hey i need your email address so i can add you as admin to the fridrawn blog so you can post your stuff whenever you want to. you can either give it to me on my blog or if you dont feel comftorable with that you can send it to me @ my email:!