Saturday, August 18, 2007

For my bro...

My word is a good 1. Now I hope my bro comes thru...I could really use some motivation. Class is getting tougher and I find myself wondering if I have what it takes. I wish I knew what I was Oh well. Here's my what I worked on for the past 3 weeks. 4 more weeks....still have to clean it up and add the facial acting this is tough! Anyways, thanks for lookin...and Mel...I expect the good stuff when I come home from work on Sunday!!! lol :OP Till next post....PEACE!!!

Bush turned into Not the best, but hey....I try! :OP

1 comment:

GhettoFab said...

dood this is comin along great! Diggin the progress.

I will try and get my animatic up for my dialogue ... ( see I told you you were better than me )

Great post bro!