Sunday, November 18, 2007

Animatic for 507

EDIT: 11/20/07 Here's a screen shot of my 1st scene. This week we have to do layout for 1/3 of our short.....rough stuff!! Still have some work to do to it...but it's gettin there! lol Anyways. will post more soon!

Here's what I turned in this week. Still have to do my production schedule by tomorrow.....arrgghhh!!! lol There is never enough time. lol Anyways, hope I can make this as good as possible. Till next post........PEACE!! :OP


GhettoFab said...

hahaahaha that family has alot of basketballs in their house!

Great story bro!!! Im in awe at how far youve come!!!!!! wow

ljay said...

this looks like it'll be fun! how'd your character get a Mel original to hang in his room...those are hard to come by...something to look at when he's grounded to his room for the next couple of weeks.;-) keep it commin.

Aaron said...

dude i am stoked to see the full thing finished! looks like you got a great idea!! keep it up man!