Thursday, March 06, 2008

3 Weeks left!!!!!!

I find myself without a lot of time. It's crunch time at school and find myself wondering if I'm gonna get a job in the near future. So much to do. Today I took the kids to their 2nd karate class. To see them trying so hard made me proud. That's probably why they inspire me sooo much. Anyways, here's the pics I took. I couldn't take them at class 'cause I forgot my camera! lol Oh well, there's always next week! :OP So I think I have all the inspiration to make my last push at school a great one. I will look at these pics (last post too!) until school is done. Hopefully I can figure out how to post some of my short(if not all) soon. Wish I could just post Till next post.....PEACE!!!! :OP

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Aaron said...

dude you can do it, i know how it is not having a lot of time, man you sound like you are doing this school to help you and your family, there can be not better motivation than that! good luck.

I start classes with AM the 31st of this month!