Monday, June 16, 2008


First off, I need to thank Mel and Anne for the loot!!! It helped extend a great weekend! Kids made me a shirt and a poster...I got to sleep wife made me breakfast.....I got the new Journey cd (don't's awesome!!)Woo-Hoo!!!! What a father's day. Then we got a package from my bro and his wife .....the kids were actin like it was As you can see I had my need for toys fed with some awesomeness!! Wooot!!!! ;OP Anyways, gotta go. I gotta put some toys on my wall....WHOOOOOOPPP!!! Till next post ....PEACE!!!! ;OP


GhettoFab said...

Man you made out like a bandit ;)

ljay said...

I wish I was mel's brother! you're a lucky man...of course you already know that. Nice to see you still doing stuff. like the anims.