Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Working on a new demo reel....

Been tryin to get a new reel up and in circulation. Any thoughts or critiques about it? I could really use some imput. ;OP Also got some sketchin in.....not much but at least something. I'm finding it hard to keep motivated. I sometimes feel I'm burned out.....wish I could get my foot in the door. Anyways, thanks for looking! Till next post....PEACE!!!!

Demo Reel 09 test **** from Miles Milton on Vimeo.


Heather said...

Hey! long time no see pal! For some reason the video doesnt play for me :(
Love the new sketches! you always have a great style.

Tassia said...

Why not change the world You and me mixing our drawings, you send me an unfinished drawing and I continued and created something different in different cultures and colors and animations.
I love to draw.
Un abrazo belllo man.

Tassie Vascones

Danarchy said...

Yeah the video is a no go for me too. UPDATE!!!!!lol