Friday, November 20, 2009

The hunt for an animation job....still

It's been awhile....I know. I just haven't been feeling like posting....been unmotivated. Now I'm trying to push myself to get back to it. I took my time but finally I have a new reel. I was suppose to have it done in the beginning of Summer. So as u can see.....I've been slacking!! lol Anyways, here's my demo reel :

Demo Reel Winter '09 from Miles Milton on Vimeo.

If u have a sec, tell me what u think!! I would truely appreciate it!! Thanks for looking! Till next post.....PEACE! ;O)


Olivier Ladeuix said...

looking good Miles. I really like your first shot. Nothing jarring except the texture on the table and the missing shadows. Playblast is your best friend or use GI Joe.

Second one I would get rid of the textures. Playblast is your best friend ;-)

Third one would benefit from smoothing the hips motion, also you might want to check out my Local Spine hack in the AM tips and tutorial section, this would be more useful than spending time learning texturing and lighting.

4th. Playblast is still your best friend ;-)
There are some spacing issues during the jump but I can't check them precisely on Vimeo. Have you posted on your AM webspace?

5h. nothing to say, that one is perfectly polished

6th is okay. textures are stretched, use Nurbs planes instead . I would get some drag and overlap on the forearm.

7th. missing shadows. Shot is really short.

Walkcycle, I think you should experiment with IK hands, this is what I am using nowadays for walks and runs.

Cool man, I look forward to seeing that stuff frame by frame and give you some more thorough feedback


milo said...

Thanks Oliver! Great notes! I posted it on AM under demo reel if you want to scrub thru it. ;O) I appreciate you lookin at it! ;O)

GhettoFab said...

always awesome to see you improving your reel!