Thursday, November 08, 2012

LifeVantage Project-Impatient Cow Productions

It's been a while since I've posted. Seems life is kicking my behind! lol Anyways, here's a project I did for Impatient Cow Productions. This was for a huge LifeVantage convention in Las Vegas (held last weekend)and I did in 3 days while working my fulltime about crunch time! lol Wish I would've had more time to polish it up but time was not on my side. I am still looking for more freelance work as usual. I spent last week doing a test for a job. I got the job only to be told it was a non paying job. Why not disclose that before the test? Had I known this I would've not wasted my time. I spent the whole week struggling with their rig which was horrid (probably because they got someone to do it for free!) Anyways, trying to keep my head up and move forward. Something will happen soon. Till next post.....PEACE!! ;O)

LifeVantage project from Miles Milton on Vimeo.

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