Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thank you!!!

Finally it works so I can pot multiple pics!! Woo-hoo!! Here's what I did last night. My wife did the last 2. I think I got her hooked on drawing too!! heehee Anyways, taking a break you can see by the last couple of pics, I now am a dog owner. Her name is Katie and she is a beagle hound. She's 8 weeks old, very playful, and such a cutie!! Anywho....till next post...PEACE!!


GhettoFab said...

you just have the family of artist!! Great stuff dood! Cute dog! I wont be surpised if the dog is an artist. All you guys are crackin em out! cant wait til the next post

Patrick said...

Dogs rule, and this one looks like a winner! It has been cool checkin' out all the artwork you and (and your wife) have been crankin' out. Who needs drugs when we have DRAWING???

St John Street said...

thanks so much for stopping by it's appreciated lots of great work here keep it hot !!!