Friday, April 14, 2006


So frustrated....but had fun last night! I started off sketching and then got mad so went to my photoshop tutorials (the last pic). I have to go to work tomorrow so I'll either find a way to post tonight, or post when I get back on Sunday night. Hopefully I can find that groove again! Anywho, till next post.....PEACE!!!!!


GhettoFab said...

thats what Im talkin about you son of a gunderson! ( as Lael always says ) Keep pushin. Its comin along awesome. You will balance it out and before you know it you will have a plethora of techniques.

luvya bro
big pimpin!

Danarchy said...

COOL....its always awesome to see someone first start out...when those big breakthroughs slap you across the face like a cold seatbelt...getting better all the time man. LETS SEE SOME MORE