Thursday, April 27, 2006

sketches from last night.....

Didn't get much in last least not as much as I wanted! My sister ended up calling and we talked for an hour or so. At the bottom are pics of my work space. I know it's small but don't have room anywhere else! I'm planning on getting a table easel and attaching it to the desk. Eventually I will get a nicer chair!!! One that's comfortable!:O) I might get some sketchin in tonight. Depends on how I feel, cause I know I have to go to work on Friday.:O( Anyways, till next post......PEACE!!!

1 comment:

GhettoFab said...

looks like your understanding form more. Awesome round! And great start with the work space. Gotta have one of those. Cause then you have to work ;)

Luv ya bro!