Thursday, August 17, 2006


EDIT: sketches I did tonight. Not the greatest stuff but I sense a break through comin my way. I hope I'm right. So many mistakes.....but at least I'm seeing them way clearer. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad one. ;O) Hands shake constantly.....but I know I'm winning the nicotine battle. Soon that'll be behind me. Anyways, tomorrow I'll get back to it. Till then.......PEACE!!!!

Tryin to post some pics.......won't upload for some reason!! ARRRGGGGGHHH!!! Will try to edit this post later. it. Here's more stuff to motivate me. I will draw some tonight and post it later. Hopefully this slump will come to an end. ---PEACE----


GhettoFab said...

those are some good motivators. Especially the top 2 pics. Give em big hugs from unca mel :)

Cant believe how grown they are. Where does the time go?

And go watch pixars boundin. Always helps me "bound and rebound" ;)

See ya when I lookatcha!

Robin Hall said...

nice blog! keep fighting that nicotine battle :)

I like the sketches you've done so far, keep posting!