Friday, August 25, 2006

quick sketches from tonight...

Edit II: Sketches from today. As I was searchin thru artist today I found tv show I used to watch growing up.......Battle Of The Planets (or Gatchaman). Man it was a cartoon I forgot about! I look forward to seeing some old episodes...with due time and money. heehee New inspiration!!! Also drew a little character...just messin around. Anyways, will try to get more done later!;O)
Quick edit: Quick sketches from tonight. Not much....but some!;O)

Some quick stuff. I know.... not much, but even a little bit at this point helps in the learning process. I found a cool Ben Caldwell site...will add it to my cool links sometime. Depends on when I stop being so lazy!;O) Also added a pic of me while I surfed the web looking for references.;O) Of course I shaved the beard I had off. I was starting to feel like a bum. I think it actually helped me feel more comfortable drawing. It doesn't make sense to me either! Anyways, will try to post again soon. Figuring as I don't have to work this weekend, it shouldn't be a problem. Woo-hoo!!! Till next post............PEACE!!!!


Sandra White said...

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Joel Reynolds said...

Hey Man

Thanks for the compliments - Your work is cool and I can tell that you're working hard at it. Way to go. Keep it up!