Sunday, September 03, 2006


EDIT: Decided not to post my lame stick figures....heehee Too many pics to take!! I'm doin a lot of sketchin this weekend. As you can see, the fascination I have with the face is still evident.;O) And you can tell I've been watching cartoons........any guesses as to which one? heehehee I bought a brand new lawn mower today.....*sob*. I wish they weren't so expensive! Anyways, gotta run! Till next post......PEACE!!!

Our lawn mower decided to break down again!! Second 1 in 2 years!!! The replacement part is so expensive that we're better off buying a new 1!!!!! Don't that suck!! We went k-mart hoping to find a cheap one but to our surprise they had 3 expensive ones left. Go figure!! Anyways, we didn't get one so instead I bought some new toys!! It was a good way to take my mind off the frustration! heehee They're gonna look great in my office!;O) Anyways, will try to post some of my lame sketches I did last night.( I worked on poses with stick figures)EEEEWWWWW!!! They were so bad!! Anywho, till next time....PEACE!!!!


GhettoFab said...

love to mow the relaxing.Great pics and awesoem toys! WHooo hoooo!

Gerald said...

Sorry about the lawnmower, but at least you came across the Avatar figures. I keep forgetting to pick these up. Unless they're sold out already. Yeah, Avatar is a cool series.