Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Assignment 102...A.M.

I will probably post this on both blogs. Here's some poses from the park.....not the greatest. So hard to capture anything that fast!! heehee Hopefully I'll get that artist eye soon!!heehee I might go to dinner tomorrow and try to sketch the waiters and waitresses....need to find a strong pose I want to put Stu(A.M. character for those who don't know) in. Anyways, have a Q&A in an hour!! woo-hoo!!! Till next post--------PEACE!!!!


GhettoFab said...

the fun of poses!! These are great bro! Fun watchin you doin the skool work! Youre gonna go far

Danarchy said...

sweet man glad your finally living your dream.. The quick pose... ohhh dear. wanna break outta a box that will do it for ya.. I don't know if its my place to be suggesting this stuff to you but i'll do it anyway and if you don't think i should then jsut forget I posted this.. do you have plans or are already taking a life drawing class... I know AM is all over the comp. but going to your local college and you might be able to get in on a life drawing class. EXCELLENT for posing. doing those really quick 30 seconds scetchs.. thats what your doing esentailly when drawing the ppl around you is just really a really quick study trying to capture the essence of a pose in as few lines as possible... oh and another suggestion get your hands on anything Vilpu... that guy is a AMAZING life drawer... but anyways nice seeing you rock out.. keep em coming as you would say

sarah said...

Interesting cool excercise! Looks like you got some good poses. I like the idea of using simple shapes... sketching moving targets a bit overwhelming for me and I get lost in the details :)