Monday, February 26, 2007


What a rough couple of weeks. School is kickin my butt!! lol Haven't drawn in a while, but figured I needed to post something. Here's my planning for the upcoming assignment. I did it really fast ( had to work this weekend) and it's kinda sloppy. Hopefully I can get this assignment done without goin too crazy. ;OP Anyways, hopefully I'll get some sketchin time in this week. Till next post.....PEACE!!


GhettoFab said...

oh how I loved this assignment! I can see you are gonna do great with this one!! Nice planning dood keep it rockin!

ljay said...

Looks like the animation work is helping in the sketching too! I'm seeing a little more action...keep it up. Mel is always talkin ya up like only a big brother can. On a side note, those are some DANG cute kids ya got there.