Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just for giggles.....

Was going through my old pics and decided to post some. Funny stuff! lol
My bros......Marco, Mel, and me. Now that I'm older I really miss 'em..wish we all lived closer together.
Mel and I.......pic came out great! I don't think he really wanted to ride the kiddie ride with me though....what a sport! lol
You gotta love my Bill Cosby-esque sweater!! Wish I still had that shogun toy!!! lol ;OP


GhettoFab said...

awesome! Thanks for posting the good times! Dont worry we'll be in mexcio soon enough. You just need to skip the comin to utah!

ljay said...

those pics are pretty funny Miles! Ah to be young and and full of it! congrats on that first check...feels good huh!