Thursday, February 16, 2006

some of last night's sketchin..

" To break patterns, you must first recognize that you have them" From" Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces" by Carrie Stuart Parks
I had a good night last night.....too bad it got late real fast...heeheehee Anyways here' some stuff I was workin on. I'm gettin better and some day I will surpass my older brother and show him, that I can make it...heeheehee Anyways, till I post again....PEACE

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GhettoFab said...

dood you already have surpassed soooo many ways. love seein the post, and that you take it to the level that you do. I wouldnt have posted last nite. So thanks for givin me a lil nudge ;)

see ya when I lookatcha!
--the 35 year old virgin

ps--iron man looks hot! Everyone loves him, especially me. Thanks dood and tell your wife I said thanks!