Thursday, January 12, 2006

back to stick figures..

Here's some of the many stick figures I drew last night. I never knew how hard it was to draw a stick figure with life! Who would have thought drawing a stick figure would frustrate anyone? I sure as heck didn't!! Oh well, Iknow .....practice ...practice...practice. The fat tip sharpee is throwin me for a loop too. Not that, that is an excuse.....cause I still have to work on my foundation. Hopefully, I'll post every other day at least, and see some progress. And maybe tonight when I doodle, I won't get so frustrated!!! heehee Here's to hangin in there!!!

1 comment:

Blog Trotter said...

I wish I had your work ethic. I need to draw more.

What's your theory behind drawing with a sharpy instead of a pencil? Is that to improve your accuracy, or improve your decision making?