Friday, January 13, 2006

Takin tomorrow off so postin tonight...

I don't know if I'm sketching tomorrow so I'm posting twice to make up for it if I don't. I picked up a Columbia House dvd catalog and did some sketches off it. I also used a pencil and felt soooo much more comfortable. I guess the sharpee is workin!!!!! I'm gonna go back to using the sharpee, I just wanted to see if it was helping. I'm kinda excited about using the sharpee more now!!! I can only imagine what a month of using the sharpee will do for my pencil stroke!! I can't wait!!! I hope pretty soon I'll be taking a life drawing course......I know that would help a bunch too!! I'm just glad cause I know it's all for a cause....the frustration....the anger.....the wanting to'll pay off someday! Oh well, till next time , keep them engines roarin!!!! heeheehee

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