Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun weekend evidently........

As you can see the weekend was a blast. My sister-in-law got trashed and wrecked the sink I fixed when we moved in. At least now I know what I'm doing....:O) I got my hands full for the next couple of days.:O( Oh well, at least I went and bought a new toy today! woo-hoo!! Can't go wrong with Star Wars!! I was gonna get the Transformer Star Wars toys but money is limited. Maybe someday. Anywho, will try to get some drawing in today but it all depends on how the batrhroom goes. Till next post......PEACE!!!

1 comment:

GhettoFab said...

youve opened pandoras box with the galactic heroes....one of my favs :)

Sorry bout the sink man. Look at you be fix it man. If it were me it would be sometime next year that I would get to it.. Good luck this week bro. I promise I have that shiz to send you. Im so air headed..

luv ya