Sunday, May 28, 2006

rough day!!

Well, it was the my birthday weekend(and my mother-in-law too!) and as you can see my day went swell. First off a motorcyclist decided not to pay attention, speed, and run into my car as I was pulling into my driveway. I almost got a ticket but argued my side with the cop and he said he had to investigate it more. The first pic is of the skid mark from the cycle, which is insanely long!! Man he was speeding! I spent about 2 and a 1/2 hours waiting for the cop to talk to me about it and let me know what was goin on. The next pics are of the damage to my van. Very upsetting to me cause now I have no mommy mobile.:O(
Anyways, on the up side, I got the books I need for school and am know working on the computer. I will probably have to finance it. I also got a sweet grill (thanks mom!) And I got a electric pencil sharpener and a sweet sketchbook ( thanks Gina and Pat!!) All in all, the beginning of the day sucked but did get much better at the end. Animation school here I come!!!!! Mel, here I come, and ain't nothin gonna stop me!! heehee Anywho, till next post ( which I will do after I stop feelin sore)......PEACE!!


ljay said...

happy birthday Miles! sorry about your car and glad nobody was hurt. Glad it wasn't Mel cuz he'd be in jail right now...nice to see you're not exactly like your bro. hope the rest of the weekend is real nice...."piece"

GhettoFab said...

yikes...Yeah I wouldve went to jail. No kinda parole for me...Glad everyone is all right.

Looks like you got some sweet shiz for the bday. Gettin close to skool time! I cant wait to see you jammin that noggin full of learnin goodness... btw , you better bring it, cause your brother wont go down without a fight ;)

Hans said...

Sorry to hear about your van, what a jerk! Well, I see you got all the good books. I attended Richard Williams Masterclass a few years back. If you should ever be near one, I can strongly recommend it! With out a doubt one of the greatest animators ever!
Good luck with the school:)