Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My dog ate my usb cord for my camera so now I can't upload pics. Good start to the day!:O( Darn it! I did a lot of sketchin last night thanks to my bro! Learning a lot faster. Boy I suck as an artist! Don't know if I'll ever have what it takes to be a pro. Everything is soooo overwhelming. So much to learn so little time. I wish things were goin a little smoother. Times are hard and I'm finding it even harder to stay focused on that path to being a paid artist. I did however get my first paying job!! woo-hoo!!! I'm doing a flyer and booklet cover for a convention. My friend's mom needs it and it pays 750.00$. Not bad but I'm still waiting for the details. I can't wait. Anywho, when my mother-in-law wakes up hopefully she can let me borrow her usb cord and I can upload all the sketches I did last night. Which isn't the greatest but I'm actually understanding more. I still can't figure out gesture drawing. It just boggles my mind. Later I'll post the ones I did and maybe someone can help me. Anywho, till I edit this and post the sketches.....PEACE!!!!

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GhettoFab said...

Hey dood. The drawing and learnin is always overwhelming. Finding a balance is tough. Rember to ocus on the fun.

Life throws us alot of garbage and its hard to wade through it and not smell like shiz.

Your goal is an awesome goal and always keep in mind its not the detination that makes it worth while, its the traveling and the road markers on the way there that make the trip truly worth it all.

Love ya bro and hang in there. You'll be kickin my ass in a couple of weeks!