Friday, May 26, 2006

yet another day.....

EDIT: Here's the pics from today. Will get more in tonight I hope. Sorry the pic quality sucks!!! Oh well, I posted. Till next time.......PEACE!!!

I will post later. I got some quick sketchin in today.......10 minutes here....10 minutes there. At least I'm gettin it in eh? I'm still having problems catching people while watching em. They just move too fast!! And of course my eyes aren't! heehee I guess it'll eventually come to me. I am getting more observant.:O) Someday I'll get there, look back and laugh. :O) Anyways, will upload my stuff done today later tonight. I will also get some time in tonight cause tomorrow will be exciting! I get new glasses!! woo-hoo!! Somehow I lost my other pair. :O( Then I should be crankin 5 pages a day!! heehee Here I come bro!! heehee Anyways, till later......PEACE!!

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