Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Thanks to Jeff Matsuda for the cool desktop background! Awesome ......that's all I can say. Anywho, worked on faces again. Soon or a later I will get it down to a tee. I had a very busy day. I dug up my yard and put stepping stones down. I mowed my lawn. I cleaned the house. I bar-b-qued. (I made a london broil which I marinated all day! mmmmmmm) Now I should be able to draw for some time tomorrow during the day. Maybe I'll take the kids to the park and attempt to do some life drawing. I still don't think I'm fast enough, but I gotta do it soon or a later. I was gonna do it today while the kids were in the pool, but had to do some digging. Anyways, will try to post tomorrow. Till then....PEACE!!

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GhettoFab said...

awesome dood!Always love to see you bustin em out! Great wall paper. Jeff is one of my favs! Keep on keepin on dood!

Love ya bro