Friday, June 23, 2006

Well, well, well....

It was a decent day today even though it rained and was hot. I finally got my van back! Woo-hoo! My friend went to her college (VCU) library and found Mastering Maya 7 for me. My wife actually hung a picture I bought. By the front door none the less. Woo-hoo for me!! The last pic was something I did tonight. I pulled it from a reference pic off the net. Think I just needed to get away from the quick sketches and draw something out. Who knows....maybe I'll color it in Photoshop. I'm almost done on that project a friend wanted me to do. I sent him the almost finished product and am waiting to hear his response. I hope that goes well. Only problem I have is that I haven't heard from A.M. Still waiting on that one. I know an answer is not coming soon, but I can always hope.:O) Anyways, gotsta sleep....till next post.....PEACE!! Oh, thanks for looking!!

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GhettoFab said...

lookatchyo bad self!!! Nice one. Glad to hear you got the van back. Keep em comin!

luv ya bro!!